Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Maurice Roussety, On Social Media

Social Media Helps in Communication

Latest tweets from Maurice Roussety portray his opinions about the scope of franchising. Dr. Roussety advocates the benefits of franchising for newcomers. He feels that since newcomers have no prior experience in the business world, it is very necessary for them to be under the guidance of a large scale company. Though many people opined that the trend of franchising died with the birth of the startup trend, Dr. Roussety chooses to disagree.

Maurice Roussety is a well-known analyst and strategist in finance and marketing. He has completed his graduation in Economics from the Monash University. His post-graduation is in Business Administration and in Leadership from the University of New England located in the New South Wales region. His PhD thesis will soon be launched to the public and it is completed from the Griffith University and is about intellectual property and franchise business valuation. Dr. Roussety has consulted with Westpac, Optus, ACCC, IAG, Australia Post and Coles Myer. He is a lecturer at the Griffith University and he speaks on small business, marketing, franchising and entrepreneurship. Dr. Roussety is also the Executive Consultant with DST Advisory.

Maurice Antoine Roussety- Google Sites voices his opinions about franchising. He brings forth an example of the franchise system of Australia. He claims that in Australia, surplus revenue of $144 billion was generated annually, by over a thousand franchise systems. The franchise network in Australia also provided jobs to around 460,000 individuals. Franchising can be beneficial for a newcomer because it involves lesser startup expenditure, greater promises, lesser recruitment, easy market entry, security and high probability of making it to the international market.

Franchises can get easy access to the resources, finances, infrastructure of their parent organization and hence they can easily compete with the other new companies. Franchises also do not need to worry about the flow of customers, as they can use the goodwill of their parent organization to tap customers. Franchises are often welcomed whole-heartedly by the dedicated patrons of the parent company. In most cases, a customer chooses a franchise because of the goodwill that the parent organization holds in the market. Since the market is saturated with new companies, a customer receives multiple options. The good reputation of a parent company in the market helps a franchise to get an easy access to the customer base.

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