Thursday, 12 October 2017

Maurice Antoine Roussety on Childhood and It's Impact

The Impact of Childhood in the Life of an Individual

A question is asked by Maurice Roussety, Are we defined by our childhoods? Childhood forms an important part in the life of every individual. It is during the childhood years that a child learns various skills and acquires knowledge. The skills and knowledge will be used in the future by the child. The childhood years create an impact in the life of every individual. The incidents that occur during the childhood years often remain etched in the memory forever. Dr. Roussety was not brought up in a manner which was different from the other children of his generation. He was born in Mauritius and at the age of thirteen he shifted to Australia along with his family. Dr. Roussety's father used the wheelchair and he expired when Dr. Roussety was very young. Since his school days Dr. Roussety was a brilliant student.

Maurice Roussety studied in the Monash University from where he completed his graduation in economics. He completed his postgraduation from the University of New England in New South Wales. His PhD thesis has been completed from the Griffith University. Apart from having a remarkable academic background, Dr. Roussety has a lot of experience in the business sector. He works as a consultant, analyst and strategist and helps people to climb the ladder of success. Dr. Roussety has worked with numerous companies like Westpac, ACCC, IAG, Australia Post, Coles Myer and Optus. He is the Executive Consultant at DST Advisory. Dr. Roussety works as a lecturer at the Griffith University where he speaks on topics like small business, marketing, franchising and entrepreneurship.

According to Antoine Maurice Roussety-security and franchising go hand in hand. Franchising is the most profitable option for new entrepreneurs. Franchising is highly profitable because it comes along with numerous advantages. A franchise gets an easy access to the resources, infrastructure, manpower and finances of the parent company.  A franchise never needs to worry about not having adequate finances. A franchise also gets a readymade customer base because of the goodwill of the parent organization. Often there are customers who are waiting to welcome a franchise business. Dr. Roussety observes that the market scenario has changed with the changing times. Every single day new companies are being added to the market which makes it even more competitive. Often large scale companies are made to compete with the small scale companies due to stuff competition. The large scale companies have more resources and better infrastructure and hence they emerge as clear winners. A franchise does not need to participate in this competition as they gain an easy entry into the market.

Dr. Roussety Speaks on the importance of goodwill in the franchise industry. In the franchise industry, goodwill can be defined as the good reputation or good name which is possessed by a parent organization. Due to the competition in the market, a customer has ample choices. The factor of good will helps a customer to make his choice. Dr. Roussety feels that franchising us the best option for any one who is planning to start up a business.

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