Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Dr Maurice Roussety, Customer Satisfaction and Kick-starting a Business

It almost goes without saying, that customer satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. Being able to maintain a healthy base of loyal and satisfied customers is the bedrock upon which businesses are able to cultivate their success, and work towards their growth goals. Maurice Roussety has a huge wealth of experience in the business arena, and in his time he has helped some of Australia's premier brands grow into their potential. In one of his many inspirational and riveting keynotes her performs today, he focuses on the subject customer satisfaction,and helps enlighten his audience as to how to best go about achieving such goals.

For Maurice Roussety, Leadership Goals for Business Growth and Success often boil down to being able to maintain a healthy roster of customers, satisfied with the service and products of the company. In a 60-minute conversation, Maurice Roussety explores why customer satisfaction is as much an economic as it is a strategic business imperative that is not easy to measure. It largely depends on how the product has performed relative to the customer’s expectations. The challenge for businesses is not so much to satisfy the customer at point of purchase or consumption but to provide an integrated service experience at the pre-purchase, post-purchase and future-purchase phases of the customer-relationship continuum. This course is ideal for line managers, marketers and sales executives, and those with a direct impact n helping shape customer satisfaction goals for their firms.

Maurice Roussety's experience has also made him an important authority on the topic of kick-starting businesses and start up business. In a half-day interactive seminar, Maurice Roussety teaches the necessary skills to build a Lean Canvas. The twelve building blocks of articulating market segments, pain points, market differentiators, market penetrators, market share, revenue targets, risk mitigants and risk signals are carefully examined. Various templates and instruments are provided to assist in the creation of a Lean Canvas. It is ideal for entrepreneurs involved in Start-ups and KickStarter campaign funding.

Maurice Roussety offers a wide berth of imaginative and important business topics in his ever growing repertoire. He uses his business experience and high level of academia to impart his knowledge on those who can benefit most from it. If you'd like to find out more about him, then visit the following page here at Maurice Antoine Roussety, Moving Franchises and Brands in to the New Age.

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