Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Maurice Antoine Roussety, What Franchising Can Do For Your Business

The United States has a long history of industry and innovation. We are a nation of thought leaders and entrepreneurs with a strong desire to work hard and make it on our own. These goals and motivations are especially difficult in our modern times because the market for business is more competitive than ever before. In business these days, it pays to have larger friends and a leg up in your respective industry. The age of startups was short and bright, but with new companies popping up every day, it pays to turn to alternative options of owning your own business. In this modern economy franchises are some of the strongest business moves that a burgeoning professional can make.

For Dr. Maurice Roussety, reasons to franchise your business are based on adapting to these drastic changes in the market. Dr. Maurice Roussety is a respected academic, accomplished business professional, and expert in the analysis, strategies, and changes of the business world. He holds a number of degrees including undergraduate degrees in Economics and Accounting from Monash University, a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Leadership from the University of New English in New South Wales, as well as a Ph.D. in intellectual property and franchise-business valuation from Griffith University in Queensland.

Maurice Roussety has been studying business for several years, and was the creator of the Franchise Risk Imputation Model (FRIM), which establishes a framework based on two cornerstones: risk-free rate and total risk as measured by the sum of market specific and company specific risks. With these analysis tools, Dr. Maurice Roussety has shown that franchising is one of the best options available to aspiring business owners in the modern market. Franchising allows individuals to minimize the risks associated with starting their own business because it allows them to draw on the resources that a larger “parent” company has. As a public speaker and professional consultant, these findings have motivated Maurice Antoine Roussety to focus on helping businesses in unique ways.

For Dr. Antoine Roussety, guiding companies to business success is the primary goal of his consultancy work. His background in academia and the professional world have given him a unique perspective of the market that businesses desire in shaping their plans for the future. His advice for new professionals is that the current market is much better suited for a resurgence of franchises, rather than continuing with startups.

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